…..to create an environment where spirit, beauty and harmony prevail and where one can be in intimate contact with nature; where one can freely bond with Mother Earth, deepen personal commitments and relationships, and share the unconditional support and camaraderie of others; a place where one is left at peace to strengthen one’s innate inner resources, enjoying being who you are and seeing more clearly who you can be: an unspoiled piece of paradise that offers ideal conditions for

healing, revitalization and for opening abundant paths to a more rewarding and fruitful life…..

With that in mind the founders bought an old farm in 2003 with around 15 acres of neglected grounds in the heart of Burgundy, in the regional nature reserve the Morvan.
And with that in mind they have been steadily working ever since to transform this little estate.

Currently a big part of the buildings are restored and a natural campsite has been opened; a very spacious site where every spot guarantees intimate contact with Mother Earth and where natural peace is not disturbed by traffic or other artificial sounds. Moreover, a therapy-facility was created that accommodates amongst others a practice of craniosacral-biodynamic therapy; a treatment that in a subtle way activates the self-healing power of the body. 

Lotussy organizes regularly events and courses in the field of personal development, physical and spiritual healing, a durable lifestyle and well-being; not only for our guests but also for people in the vicinity.

Lotussy’s purpose is to be a place which is open and experimental, free of religious and philosophical dogma, to build a solid foundation to enable one to shape his or her nature in an authentic manner and to create a peaceful and inspirational atmosphere that enables a person’s true and unique self to evolve, flourish and blossom.

At this moment are living here permantly the founders Doris and Klaas with their two children (aged 16 and 15) and Sebastien, who is facilitating amongst others the sweatlodge ceremonies. Volunteers come and go, especially during summer. The goal is to grow into a larger community, a kind of “eco-village”.

An association, Association Lotussy, is in charge of all the activities.
The real estate is put into a kind of shared ownership, a so-called Société Civil Immobilière, which offers newcomers the possibility as well to invest in Lotussy in a secure way.

Lotussy is continually evolving and developing and open to every suitable and constructive contribution from outside that leads to further steps on the road to realization of its dream.