Lotussy is member of the WWOOF, the World Wide Organization of Organic Farming? Via this way it is possible to stay for a shorter or longer period as a volunteer at Lotussy. There is as well the possibility direct contact us directly.

Depending on preferences and needs, volunteers can lend a helping hand in the vegetable garden, with the maintenance of the terrain, with the renovation of the buildings, in the kitchen or household, with the child-care etc. There is always a big variety of things to do to suit everyone’s tastes.

For food and lodging we ask through the week for 6 hours work a day. With the exception of Saturday-mornings the weekends are principally free. Volunteers are normally accommodated in caravans. But camping in your own tent is of course possible as well.

The volunteering season is from 1 April up to 1 November. Prolonging your stay afterwards is eventually possible. The minimum length of stay is 2 weeks.

If necessary we can pick you up from the Luzy railway station.

If you’re interested you can contact Doris or Klaas by phone or e-mail.


There is the possibility as well to join Lotussy in a more permanent way. We have space for co-habitants in self-made eco-lodgings or otherwise.


Financial support is possible through the purchase of one or more shares in the “corporation” (so called SCI, Société civil Immobilière) where the real estate is accommodated. Every share-holder is formally co-owner and has spokes right.