Therapy at Lotussy
Lotussy has its own therapy room. At present it is used mainly by Doris for craniosacral-biodynamic therapy sessions (see below).

Therapy in the neighborhood
Within easy walking distance of Lotussy one can consult:

* Colette Clayeux, a Shiatsu and polarity therapist.
* Patricia Cougny, specialized in concise psychotherapy (‘Enfant Gicogne’, NLP and ‘La Trame’).
* Violet Fleury, a therapist specialized in classic massages and in relaxationtechnics.

The association l’Echelle is assembling all alternative therapies in the neighborhood.


What is craniosacral-biodynamic therapy?

This important approach came into existence via osteopathy at the beginning of the 20th Century. The osteopath Dr. W. Sutherland discovered a rhythmical movement in the craniosacral system (unity of the skull and spinal cord) which he called “Primary respiration.” He discovered that a person’s health depended on the capacity of the organism to reveal this symbiotic connection. In the course of 50 years of research and practice, he developed special techniques to identify, diagnose and correct these obstructions, if needed.

Primary Respiration manifests itself via a dynamic power–inherently part of the body–which then enables it to function and regulate itself permanently. This physical force is called “Breath of Life” and represents the biodynamic aspect of the therapy. The therapist begins to analyze the body using subtle touching and then to make corrections where necessary.

What are its applications?

Rehabilitation following an accident or seeking professional treatment for illness, trauma, chronic back-pain, stress are the most common—these can interfere with the “Breath of Life” and therefore block the Primary Respiration.

In the following cases, among others, craniosacral-biodynamics can be used:

Rehabilitation after an accident or illness.
Pre-natal care and readjustment after birth.
Gynecologic problems.
After-birth trauma.
Concentration difficulties and hyperactive children.
Sleeping disorders and exhaustion symptoms.
Migraine headaches, ringing in the ears, sinus infections.
Back-pains, sciatica, slipped disc, joint disorders.
Circulation and arterial problem in general.
Organic disorders and digestive problems.

What does the treatment involve?

A brief consultation with the patient.
A global diagnosis of the patient in standing position.
Examination of patient in comfortable clothes in lying position.
The diagnosis and the treatment is done in a soft and subtle manner, being especially attentive to the self-healing powers of the body
These techniques allow the body’s intelligence to make the needed corrections and to regenerate itself in all aspects
A session lasts around an hour.
The number and frequency of the sessions will be determined by the nature of the treatment and tailored to each patient’s needs.


Doris Huber Huber

Austrian, living in France since 2003.
Graduated as physiotherapist in Graz in 1991.
Studied osteopathy in Vienna for 6 years.
Studied osteopathy of children in Vienna for 3 years.
Studied craniosacral-biodynamics in Bregenz from 2008 till 2017.
Working in therapeutics since 1991.

Treatments are by appointment only. Tel.: 07 80 45 27 68